All our samples and production are in China. We will ship out from our Chinese Office directly no matter samples or bulk goods.
Random sample: 3 - 4days
Custom sample: 7 - 10days
Bulk goods: 10 - 30days


There are 3 options of shipping: By sea, by Air, by Express.

By SEA is the most inexpensive way but the delivery time is long. It takes 25-35days to be delivered. Goods first are loaded on a ship to US seaport. After released, goods are delivered by railway or truck. it suilt for goods which are more than 1cbm and not in need in hurry.

By AIR is fast. Goods are aired to US airport then delivered by truck. It takes about 10days. It is suitable for goods which are heavier than 500kg.

By Express is the fastest but expensive way. Now we use Fed Ex, DHL, & UPS. We have discount contract with them. For samples, it takes 2-3days. For bulk, it takes 3-7days. It is suitable for small run or urgent order.